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Rent a boat in Porto Vecchio

Located on the territory of the Corsican community and the county district of southern Corsica, the port city of Porto Vecchio attracts thousands of visitors each year. It is also one of the most interesting seaside resorts in the area. It is possible to rent a boat leading to this tourist destination accessible via the sea or to rent a boat from its port to other places. You can rent a sailboat, a yacht, a catamaran etc.

Port of Marina of Porto Vecchio

the marina of the seaside resort of Porto Vecchio is a practical and ecological port. It is one of the best equipped of the hexagon. It can receive several boats at the same time. You’ll find what you need. You can already inform yourself about the place to find the boat that will meet your needs, your desires and your possibilities.
You should first define your itineraries, the places you wanted to visit and the activities you wanted to do once on the water. The turquoise waters of the great Mediterranean will allow you to swim, water-skiing, jet-skiing, fishing, cruising and many other activities.

Moorings and navigation around Porto Vecchio

For Nice moorings in the vicinity of this citadel, you can discover the Bay of Porto Novo. It’s one of the quietest places in the area. It is 11500 from Corsica. If you didn’t want to go back to the port of Porto Vecchio right away, you can find comfortable accommodation not far from Palombaggia. You can also take the direction of the Bay of Rondinara. This destination you will have the opportunity to admire the white sand, the red rocks, the crystalline waters and the idyllic landscapes of maquis of this place. It is 14000 from Porto Vecchio.
Depending on the rental you had agreed with the owner of the boat, you can go to the mouths of Bonifacio. You can also continue your navigation in the Lavezzi archipelago. Do not forget a passage at the Cove Cala Della Chiesa at 21000 or La Cala di Giunco and its lighthouse Lavezzi at 22500. Not far from here is also the Cala Di Grecu.

Where to find a boat to rent in Porto Vecchio?

If you didn’t want to go and come on the marina, you can do the search for boat on the Internet. Several professional or private boat owners make their announcements. Various boat rental sites are available on the web. Use the right keywords on the search engines. The ideal is to speak directly with the owner about the itineraries, the type of boat you were going to rent, what you wanted to see or do in particular etc.
Finally, set the meeting with the owner of the boat that will take you around Porto Vecchio.
So don’t hesitate, and enjoy the nautical pleasures by renting a boat in Porto Vecchio during your stay in our tourist residence in South Corsica !

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