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What are the beaches of Porto Vecchio?

Porto Vecchio is the flagship destination of Corsica and it is well deserved. It is on its territory that one can admire some of the most beautiful shores of Corsica. When you do research on this place, you always hear about the beaches of Palombaggia or Santa Giulia. During the high season, you may find it hard to get a parking lot to get to these seaside areas. However, there are also the beaches which are less well known but which do not remain less interesting like Porto Novo, Carataggio or the Marina di Fiori.

More information about the best beaches in Porto Vecchio

< As already said, we can not talk about the beaches of Porto Vecchio and forget to talk about the beach of Palombaggia. It is the most famous seaside of this country. Its white-sanded edge between the red rocks, its clear water and very shallow are perfect for a family holiday. You can also come to this destination to enjoy a stay in love or with your friends. In this place, you won’t miss anything. You will find shops, people who rent equipment for water activities, lounge chairs for lounging etc.
The beach of Tramulimacchia and the beach of Benedettu are also coastlines not to be missed during your visit to Porto Vecchio. They extend for a few kilometers. The Mediterranean Sea on these parts is bordered by fine sands white to brown. The turquoise and shallow water will allow you to take your children without fear. These places are very easy to access. From the city of Porto Vecchio, you have to take the N198 towards the north of the region. After 2.5 km of road, take the exit on the D468 direction Golfo di Sogno. You still have to go 4 km, take the exit and then 1 km after the exit to reach the beach.

The unknown but interesting beaches in Porto Vecchio

Besides those mentioned, Porto Vecchio conceals other discreet beaches such as the beach of the Ovu Santu. You may never have heard of this place. It is located at the mouth of Cavu, a Corsican river. Its idyllic environment, its clear water but especially the calm that reigns there are the main strengths of this paradise area.
The beaches Pinarellu or Pinarello are also unsung spots of the general public in Porto Vecchio. They are hidden behind a pine forest. In front of them stands the island of Pinarrellu with the Genoese tower. On the southern part of the bay you will enjoy an unusual scenery. You can get away completely and forget all your stress. This secret destination is perfect for a stay in total calm whether you are in family, with friends or with your lover or in love.
To reach these rather discreet beaches during your stay in our tourism residence in South Corsica, you better get accompanied by a professional guide or an attendant.

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