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What to do in Porto Vecchio at night?

In Porto Vecchio, even at night, you will always find things to do or things to see. This destination does not lack alternatives to satisfy you. So if you are a late-nighter or a person who loves or who simply wants to taste the nightlife, you will find your happiness in this city of Corsica.

Porto Vecchio at night: open-air Bars and nightclubs

When the sun disappears from the horizons, the ambiences change in the historic city of Porto Vecchio. The older ones are resting and the younger ones are getting ready to go out. Indeed, this city is a favourite destination of the Corsican youth eager for great atmosphere, meetings and cultural entertainment. As soon as sunset, the bars of Porto Vecchio open at night are lively.
In general, the warmest atmospheres take place in open skies on the terraces of the bars of the city. You will be able to participate in the party at any time. You only have to choose the place that suits you most: Seaside, city center etc.
Between the cocktails and the Dancing club, you’ll feel like you’re in Ibiza. Spend a moment at the Via Notte. This is the biggest club in this country. It is also the largest open-air club in France and the whole of Europe. The owls who come to Corsica inevitably go to this place where internationally renowned DJs ensure the animations. You will be amazed by the futuristic setting. The holidays usually end only in the early morning.
Some bars or lounges in Porto Vecchio also organise quieter evenings than nightclubs. Certainly, you will enjoy animation but in a more soft, more intimate and more hushed version. You will be lulled by the songs and the Corsican guitars. These places are especially perfect for the older ones and the lovers.

Porto Vecchio and night Shopping

It is not only the bars that are open at night in Porto Vecchio, you will also find shops. While the city is alive, the shops remain accessible. You will be able to take advantage of these occasions to buy the items that enchant you in memory of your stay in Porto Vecchio.
In addition, several restaurants remain open at night at the harbour, behind the citadel or on the ramparts.
If you wanted to take advantage of great opportunities, visit Porto Vecchio on the last weekend of the month of August. During this period, we organize every year the sale of merchants. It is only in Porto Vecchio that you would have the opportunity to combine the holidays with the bargains. You will have to return items of all kinds. You will be able to transport artisan products produced by the locals, clothes of big brands, canned foods, ornaments and many more.

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