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What to do in Porto Vecchio when it rains?

First of all, it is good to know that it rains only rarely in the Corsican region. So, if this were to happen, the rain only lasts a short time. You don’t have to wear rain boots or special outfits if you plan to stay in Porto Vecchio. You can travel light on this citadel which sits on a vast rock of immense pink porphyry. When it rains in Porto Vecchio, it is also an opportunity for you to admire the landscapes from a different angle and in another color. You would also be able to continue doing different activities. Need more inspiration? Here are some ideas.

Visit Historic Places in the shelter of the rain

Porto Vecchio is full of sights that contain centuries of history. The small church of St. John the Baptist is one. Here you can find several elements that will remind you of the past of this citadel. Ornaments from a different time, furniture of the past, do not miss a crumb of everything that is there. You can stay there while the rain calms outside. You can then continue the visit to other places.
If you are interested in old stories, don’t miss a visit to the archaeological sites of Ceccia and Tappa. These places date from prehistoric times. They deserve the detour to know the stories of Porto Vecchio. You can discover several vestiges that reflect the prehistoric and medieval lives of this region. It is also an opportunity not to be missed to see the interior of Corsican lands.
Being part of this area, Ospédale is also a place to discover. It is the first perched village of Corsica. It is located only 30 minutes from the city centre of Porto Vecchio. It is located at an altitude of 900 m. Even in the rain, you will appreciate the beauty and charm of this idyllic and authentic place. When it will be more beautiful, you can come back to better admire its green landscapes, its forests etc.

Make a culinary discovery in Porto Vecchio

When it rains in the city of Porto Vecchio, there is no point in staying claustrer without doing anything in your corner. Take this opportunity to discover the culinary specialties of this city. Several good ones are available to eat and taste the different local flavors. You will find restaurants that offer typical dishes, creations but also special specialties.
If seafood is your favourite, you can visit Rancho Plage, a restaurant located on the road to Benedettu – Lecci – 20 137 Porto Vecchio. If you had a singular desire to test the typical Mediterranean cuisine, the restaurant Les Jardins de la laziness is for you. It is located in the upper town. From its site you will have the opportunity to see the city from below in the rain. In case Italian dishes and Italian specialties speak to you, take the road to Palombaggia by Picovaggia. You will arrive at the Restaurant Amandella. It’s also a pizzeria.

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