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Where to eat in Porto Vecchio?

Gastronomy can be enough to describe a place. Indeed, culinary art is an integral part of the culture of a country. If you are staying in Porto Vecchio, you can enjoy your stay to make a culinary discovery and to know some of its culture. Moreover, Porto Vecchio as the rest of Corsica has a rich gastronomic know-how. You are not likely to be disappointed. On the contrary, you will have nice surprises. Here is a non-exhaustive list of places, restaurants especially where you can savour the specialties of the Corsican gastronomy in this citadel of the south of the island of beauty.

The good tables of Porto Vecchio

  • Nathalie’s Table is a cosy restaurant in the old town of Porto Vecchio. We’ll offer you some fine dining. You can enjoy in addition to the food concocted with local products, a particularly relaxing setting. The dishes are available from 18 euros.
  • The restaurant Antigu is also an establishment located in the old town of Porto Vecchio. On the terrace you can enjoy a beautiful view of the bay and its harbor. This friendly address puts at your disposal dishes concocted with fresh products of the terroir. They are accessible from 20 euros.
  • If you are interested in cosy style and warm atmosphere, you can go to the restaurant Le Terraméa. This is an establishment located a few steps from the bay. Its large room allows to enjoy the seaside. You can feel the sea breeze while tasting succulent dishes.
  • The Hotel Casadelmar’s Restaurant is a perfect solution for you if you were looking for a place to sleep and eat in concurrency. Refined, this address reflects the high end. You will have at your disposal a beautiful view of the sea from the terrace of the restaurant. The setting of this property is just beautiful.

The theme restaurants in Porto Vecchio

Porto Vecchio is also a destination where you can taste special specialties:

  • At Costa Marina, a restaurant located above the beaches of Palombaggia, Italian dishes are offered. Among the specialties of this place you can order pizzas or grilled fish, meats etc.
  • If you want to highlight the French speciality, a table reservation at the terrace of the Shegara is recommended. The duo of Jean, responsible for the room and of Jose, chef, always brings novelties to holidaymakers and tourists who come to visit them. The most popular dishes in this restaurant are usually concocted from fresh fish from the same area.
  • The restaurant Chez Anna is also a hotel specialising in Italian cuisine in Porto Vecchio. It has a large cosy room and two terraces. You can choose the corner that fits you or that makes you feel the most comfortable. The pasta is in the spotlight in this restaurant.

You only have to choose among these addresses during your stay in Porto Vecchio. Of course, you will find others by searching the directories or on the Internet.

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