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Where to go in Porto Vecchio?

the holidays in Porto Vecchio are synonymous with relaxation and discovery. Once you land on the ground of this citadel, you fall immediately under its charm to the medieval style. The stone buildings invite to the visit and the landscapes call to the scenery and the total relaxation. No matter how long you stay, you will not be able to resist the desire to discover this place. Besides, there are many possibilities of exit. You will be able to choose the outings to discover the nature of Porto Vecchio and the exits allowing to better know its history as well as its past.

Nature Outings in Porto Vecchio

Nature has singularly spoiled Porto Vecchio. You will have at your disposal a wide range of things to see and that in the open air. You will find exceptional places like the forests. A few minutes from the heart of the Citadel, you can discover a mountainous hinterland with wooded areas such as the forest of Ospédale. These are perfect destinations if you like hiking.
In the vicinity of Porto Vecchio, you can also find exceptional natural areas such as the “Piscia di Gallu” Waterfall, the Oso River and its natural pools and the Mavella needles.
And of course, the landscapes of Porto Vecchio are its beautiful beaches and its beautiful shores. You won’t be able to miss them. The blue color of the Mediterranean Sea always brings a touch of perfection to the view of this citadel. The fine sands, the greenery or the rocks on some parts of the edges are more elements in the décor.

Cultural escapades between history and tradition in Porto Vecchio

Like most cities in Corsica, Porto Vecchio also has places that contain stories and vestiges of the past. The Church of St. John the Baptist is one. You will not be able to miss this religious construction during your visit if you were interested in history. Spending some time in the heart of the Citadel on the high city surrounded by ramparts is also a mandatory detour.
The archaeological sites of Tappa and Ceccia, such as Tiuolaghju and Torre, are also places that you will not be able to overlook. Everything you’ll see on these places will help you get to know Porto Vecchio better. You will find elements of prehistory but also elements of the Middle Ages and modern times.
And of course, the cultural escapades in Porto Vecchio, it’s not just the fact of going back and forth to trace its history. You can also bathe in the current culture of this destination. You will be able to organize outings in the modern places like bars, restaurants etc. Besides, you’ll find several in the city. You will be spoilt for choice on the beaches and seaside, in the heart of the city, in the more remote areas of the city centre, not far from the citadel etc.
You only have to organize your time so as not to miss the essentials and the inevitable of Porto Vecchio.

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