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What to do in south corsica?

Corsica, a destination nestled between land and sea

Amidst the deep sea and mountain tops, the Isle of Beauty has everything to entice nature lovers. Whether you are with family, friends or alone, it offers escapism and allows you to discover the never seen before.


Want a getaway in the heart of a grandiose environment? With its breathtaking landscapes, the Island of Beauty is the ideal destination. From forests to protected areas, such as the Scandola Reserve or the Lavezzi Archipelago, your excursions will take you to wild sites, perfect for hiking or daydreaming. If the GR20 is the emblematic route to cross the Corsican massif from north to south, think outside the box to discover the needles of Bavella, not far from Porto-Vecchio, or the chaotic throats of Inzecca, whose appearance dizzying will leave you an indelible memory. To gain more height, do not miss the many lakes of altitude, delicately placed in lush greenery. The pure and turquoise hue of the Nino or Bastani glacial waters in Monte Renoso, for example, will bewitch all globetrotters, even the most seasoned.

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Staying in Corsica also means entering a territory with typical architecture. If Genoese towers are well known to all, the island also offers many fortified cities no less famous: Bastia, Calvi, Corte …, whose walks on the ramparts will surely delight young and old. You will also find monuments steeped in history since the most immemorial times. Among the essentials to visit absolutely? The residence of Bonaparte in Ajaccio, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus in Calvi, the Palace of the Governors in Bastia, but also archeological sites with a mysterious aura: the megalithic alignments of Cauria or Filitosa menhirs statues. Not to mention the beautiful city of Bonifacio, perched on its granite cliffs, whose alleys and walkways will take you back in time.

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A stay on the island of Beauty without idleness on the fine sandy beaches is obviously unthinkable. How can we resist the clear waters along the coast? On the programme: swimming, fishing, scuba diving, boat rides or water sports… The island’s beaches will invite you to all the pleasures of a successful sea holiday. In a paradisiacal and exotic setting, laze on the white sand of Ostriconi beach, near the amazing Agriates desert, or tread the grey sand of Nonza’s shores. Between intimate coves and rugged coastlines, there is no doubt that you will find what you are looking for. Then extend the pleasure by strolling through the busy streets of dynamic and trendy seaside resorts, such as Saint-Florent, the local Saint-Tropez, Propriano or Île-Rousse. And why not simply give in to the call of the sea, by setting out to conquer the archipelagos of Cerbicale, Finocchiarola or Lavezzi?

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Haute-Corse or not, your holidays in Corsican tourism residence will be placed under the sign of the authenticity and the local culture. Because the whole island is a land of traditions, which is not limited only to Corsican songs so characteristic. On the side of typical events, do not miss the various festivities that punctuate the life of the Corsicans: the procession of the black Christ in Bastia, the Brown festival in Bocognano, the Napoleonic Days in Ajaccio, the carnival of Sartène, etc. To give a tasty note to your trip, finally introduce your palate to new flavors through some specialties of the local gastronomy: homemade charcuterie, sheep cheese, chestnut liqueur, olive oil …

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