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Discover Corsican gastronomic culture

If the first images of Corsica oscillate between its beaches of fine sand and its steep cliffs, it is another way to discover the island of Beauty … no less pleasant … by the palace! Indeed, to discover the culinary art of a country is to know it from the inside … and no doubt Corsican gastronomy has some taste!
During your next holidays in Corsica, you will not be able to miss local products.

Ancestral and traditional, recipes and Corsican specialties are transmitted immutably from father to son or … from mother to daughter. Who has never tasted the famous coppa (loin of larded pork and pepper), lonzu (pork tenderloin), prisuttu (lean ham) or figatellu (sausage of pork liver) does not really know Corsica. Raised in semi-freedom, pigs called “wild” thanks to their diet characteristic of the island, have character. The Corsicans know how to take advantage of what Mother Nature has given them so generously, also the game is also declined in pie or sauce, on the tables, served after the traditional Corsican soup of the “mamma”, a must, often decorated with beans.

Corsican cuisine

Corsican specialities

Located between land and sea, Corsica also feeds on fishing, and we can not ignore the aziminu, a kind of local bouillabaisse made with rock fish.

Similarly, the famous brocciu (goat cheese or sheep cheese) made in the winter in the Corsican mountains that embellishes both sweet and savory dishes (pies, donuts) is a real institution. It can be enjoyed even at breakfast … Other cheeses are also to remember, to consume fresh or dry (accompanied by jam of figs if necessary) such as sheep’s cheese of Niolo, the goat of Sartène or the bastilicacciu or the calinzana. They are used to concoct traditional migliacci (cheese patties).

Corsican cultures and traditions

The sweets are no exception to this intangible heritage, oh so precious, and we can finish the meal on canistrelli, cakes or chestnut donuts, pies of dried fruits (tortas) or fiadone pastry famous made with brocciu and lemon.

The chestnut flour, also very popular with the islanders, is used, in particular, to realize the pulenda (Corsican bread shaped ball or cake). It can be enjoyed hot, cold or fried. This flour is also used to make a local beer, Pietra.

Corsican gastronomic culture

Corsican culinary traditions

Because Corsican gastronomy is as solid as liquid! We can not forget the famous digestifs concocted out of sight, like the liquor of myrtle or chestnut. Similarly, the terroir and the climate are very conducive to viticulture, many wines are available, including the excellent Patrimonio the aptly named, which is now an AOC. Because if tourists flock, the Corsican culinary art knows unique and intends to preserve its heritage and its unusual character, also coppa, lonzu and prisuttu and other products are now protected by the famous name, like the olive oil. The island also manufactures its own oil, especially in the region of Balagne, celebrated in July at the annual fair of the “Fiera di alivu”.

Authentic, ancestral, family and friendly, Corsican cuisine is tasted, but above all, it is shared; the islanders are the first to enjoy tasting products from their terroir and their know-how. The Island of Beauty is savored with the five senses, and we could mention a thousand and one other specialties of this delicious Corsican cuisine … but the best is still to go: so do not wait!

Corsican gastronomy

Discover the island of beauty

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