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Holidays in Porto-Vecchio

Porto Vecchio, a resort popular with celebrities from France and elsewhere, is a dream destination for a stay or holidays in Corsica with all comfort .

Find out more about Porto Vecchio

If, in the 18th century, Porto-Vecchio had only 300 inhabitants, today it has become the third largest city in Corsica. It has 88,000 residents in summer and, due to the large number of tourists, even looks like Saint-Tropez! With its historic center, rich in architecture and monuments that tell of its fascinating past, this city has all the resources to attract holidaymakers from all over the world. Its lively shopping centers, not to mention its many shops and stalls make it a small shopping paradise. To discover this dynamic destination with peace of mind, we suggest you visit it in the pre-season or in September or early October. The climate is still very mild there.

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Tourism Porto Vecchio: the must-sees

The Genoese-style Citadel, which reminds us that Porto-Vecchio was once fortified, will fascinate you, as will the district in which it is located. With its picturesque alleys lined with old houses, its sidewalk cafés and its square which includes the magnificent Saint-Jean-Baptiste church and the most famous tree, “Bel Ombra”. It is pleasantly traversed on foot. To appreciate the long beaches of Porto-Vecchio, you have to head south or north of the city. The beach of Palombaggia with its gulf of Santa Manza and its bay of Rondinara constitutes a seaside resort which is ideal for idleness or for practicing water sports such as jet-skiing or boat rental. To the north, the natural landscapes made up of gulfs and beaches are also worth the detour, especially to admire the bay of Saint-Cyprien and the peninsula of Pinarello.
Also discover the beach of Santa Giulia, located close to Porto-Vecchio.

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Top unusual experiences in Porto Vecchio

Have you just booked a luxury villa in the Via Mare residence to guarantee the success of your next stay by the sea in Porto-Vecchio? Do you want to make your vacation on the Island of Beauty a fabulous experience filled with indelible memories? We offer you three unusual experiences to enjoy in Corsica.

Scuba diving around the Lavezzi Islands

The Lavezzi islands designate an archipelago made up of 23 islands and islets located off Bonifacio, about 30 minutes by car from the Via Mare residence. This maritime area protected under the International Marine Park of the Bouches de Bonifacio is a real paradise for divers. Put on your wetsuit, grab your snorkel and bottle and set off to explore this life-size aquarium in the company of an experienced instructor. You will be fascinated by the beauty of the seabed, the color of the sea and the rocks and, of course, by the species including the unmissable grouper that you will encounter during your experience.

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Porto Vecchio in 1 day

Porto-Vecchio, the “city of salt”, is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Corse-du-Sud. During your comfortable stay in the Corsican residence Via Mare, you will have the opportunity to see that the Porto-Vecchiaise city has a very beautiful cultural heritage, starting with the citadel. This itinerary will allow you to see the main attractions of Porto-Vecchio in one day.

The Citadel

With its monumental gate and its five bastions, the citadel built by the Genoese at the start of the 16th century overlooks the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio. Stroll through the alleys of the old town, go back in time and admire each stone of the buildings you will encounter along the way.

The port

Go back down and stroll around the port of Porto-Vecchio to observe the boats and lose your gaze on the horizon, where the azure sky embraces the Mediterranean. The atmosphere is generally quiet, and you can walk in peace before eating.

Guided tour of Porto-Vecchio

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